Angels on Bare Skin Facial – Sandra Copeland

Angels on Bare Skin Facial 25g Ground Almonds – the finer grade the better. 20g Kaolin Clay 13g Vegetable Glycerine 25 drops Rose Water 1/4 tsp Lavender Flowers 4 drops Lavender Essential Oil 3 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil Place all the … [Read more...]

Botanical Himalayan Salt Bath Soak – Bexy Wright

Ingredients:  2% fragrance blend or essential oil blend of choice (I like chamomile & lavender) 6 % natrasorb (tapioca starch) 88 % Himalayan salt 2% lavender petals 2% rose petals What to Do: 1. Add fragrance to natrasorb bath and stir until it is … [Read more...]