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Making Cream Soap
Willow’s Way
Two Methods

Cp method

The first method is for an instant cream soap that can be used straight away.
The first rule of thumb is make sure that you use your CURED cp soap. This soap needs to have a high palmitic percentage in your soap recipe. You can easily see this by putting in your recipe into soap calculator. You need to have over 14% in your cp recipe. I have included the one I use and it has a percentage of 19% . It is all vegan however you can use a tallow soap if you so choose.
Many oils carry a certain palmitic amount in them, not just palm oil, so it is possible to make this with no palm in it. Just play with the soap calculator and check out the different percents. Do not attempt to do this with any cp soap with anything lower then a 14% of palmitic perscentage in it.
My recipe I used does contain Palm oil however all palm oils I buy to soap with are from sustainable farmers, and are certified as such.
I will give you my recipe in ounce weight, however when I make the cream soap from them I use grams as it is more accurate in measurement.
This recipe is for a 4.5lb loaf
I also use 38% water
You can do this as an hp as well, but we will get to that later.
Water 27.36 oz
Lye 9.92 oz
Castor oil 3.60 oz
Coconut oil 76 deg 14.40 oz
Olive oil 14.40 oz
Palm Oil 18.00 oz
Shea Butter 14.40 oz
Cocoa Butter 7.20 oz
Fragrance oil you will add 1 oz per pound of soap. If you want a fragrance. However when I make the cream soap I wait and add that last during the whipping and cooling down, and then preservatives.
If you are a beginner in making soap please review lye safety.
I usually soap at a low temperature when I am doing cp soap. This is the recipe I use when I make my cream soap and I let the soap cure for 4-6 weeks.
I am writing this all down for the experienced soaper.
So you all know how to mix and pour your soaps. Any questions on how all is done please pm me, I am glad to help. Ok, so now you have the recipe or a start of one to use. Once your soap has cured up and ready, usually by the 4-6th week, you can cut and shred it, for cream soap making. If you already have a recipe that you have used and have cured soap with a high palmitic content in it you can go right at it. Doesn’t have to be my recipe. I just threw it in for those of you that would like it.
There is no wait or “rot” cure time with this recipe.
You will need:
100 grams of shredded soap ( that you just made)
150 Grams of distilled water, hydrosol, or aloe ect…
Melt these in a double boiler. Now once all melted, add
15grams of Shea butter melted
15 grams of vegetable glycerin mix well
(optional, I add 1% steric acid or 3 grams melted in the vegetable glycerin)
Let it cool down, or I just waited till the next day, took the melted soap, and put it in the mixer THEN added the Shea and Glycerin steric acid at that time.
Add 10 Grams of coconut/goat milk powder and 3 grams of Fragrance if you choose to do this and a MUST is 1% of preservative, then whip it up to your desired consistency.
With this recipe you can double or triple the amounts and keep the ratio’s equal to each double and triple amounts.
For example, if you want to double to 200 grams of shredded soap, you will then add 300 grams of water, 30 grams shea, 30 grams vegetable glycerin and so on keeping the ratios equal between the amounts of doubling and tripling.

To make this the hot process stick blend method you will want to bring your oils to 200 degrees and your lye solution needs to be within 10 degrees of your oils and you will stick blend to a full trace and cook to neutral.
Pour your soap into the mixer and continue to beat and whip adding the proper amount of hydrosol or distilled water as needed to bring to a soft whipped soap. Also at that time you will add the same amount or ratio of shea and the rest of the ingredients as if you were using the shredded soap that has been melted down. Just cook your soap all the way test strip the ph or you can use the Phenolphthalein drops to make sure your soaps ph is at a neutral and cooked all the way before proceeding to the cream soap additives. To calculate the amount of the additives and additional liquid used, you will weigh out your total amount of soap made and calculate the amount of liquid convert to grams. I hope you all can understand all this. It’s really easy to do!
Remember not to add your preservative until you have your soap cool enough so that the preservative is effective and not destroyed by the heat. Best of luck! This is lots of fun, can be used right away. Your soap will relax over night, but you just whip it up when you are ready to package and make into sugar scrubs or shaving soap. This is a way of making single lye cream soap. There are many cream soaps out there, this is just a way of making it and being able to use it sooner without the long wait of cure time.

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