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I’m always on the lookout for little toys I can embed into my bath bombs but I am conscious of the fact I can’t just go sticking another company’s product into my own. So I decided to email one of the companies I am interested in about embedding their toys in my products.
Moose are the company who make Shopkins, Grossery Gang and about a million other collectible toys for kids.

I sent them an email letting them know what I wanted to do and also asked if I became a distributor would it be okay to do so.

The response I got wasn’t far off what I expected:

“Thank you for your email.

Our licencing team have advised We don’t see the Grossery Gang characters and bath bombs as a good brand fit so we would decline this opportunity.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to Moose Toys.

Moose Toys Team”

I would say, at a guess, that it has more to do with the fact I want to stick their toys inside a product they have no quality control over than anything else. When you think about it, they have no idea what ingredients are in my products, or how I label them. So I can totally understand them simply not wanting their brand associated with an unknown like that. Makes sense to me.

I know a lot of you guys stick various toys inside your bath bombs, Shopkins being one of the more popular brands so I figured you would find this information useful.

I sent a follow up email asking if it’s okay to embed their toys if I don’t use their trademarks to advertise in any way. I was pretty sure I already knew the answer to this but I wanted to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Their reply is below:


So, there you have it.

Can you use Moose Inc toys (shopkins, grossery gang, zelfs, little live pets etc) in your bath bombs at all, even if you don’t label them with any of their IP?
The answer is a resounding NO.

Irene 🙂
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