From Dust to Diamonds – Samantha D’Lima Lakhani

AKA “Feck Off Fairy Dust”,
A guide on how to reconstitute failed bath bombs.

Thought this may help some of you who don’t care for fairy dust. I’m not knocking fairy dust- it’s just not for me.

We all have projects that doin’t always go according to plan as it relates to bath bombs. Like everyone else so do I. Posted a picture of what these bubbling bath truffles looked like before restoring them lol.

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So the not so pretty bath bomb picture- though not aesthetically pleasing to the eye- were still quality as far as beautiful ingredients in them. Some crack, some I drop like a nitwit, some I ruin the handpainting on etc etc. I wrap them in shrink wrap and they go in a container.

So this is what I did last night. I emptied out all the embeds out of them. I smoosh the bath bombs into smaller pieces and blend. Then I sift into a bowl. I test out the fizz in the mix- then I’ll refresh with – Baking Soda, Citric Acid- and this is whe I’ll add extra goodies- Collidal oatmeal, a whole cup of buttermilk, honey powder, kaolin and cream of tartar, salts etc etc. Trying to rebatch this into a bath bomb as far as I’m concerned is hopeless- ESP since these were sitting shrink wrapped for a few months. So I decided to make a bubbling truffle( bubbles/bath melt/bath bomb). After the extras I’ll also add my dry surfactants aka slsa. In a separate bowl I’ll melts butters and oils- cocoa butter is recommended if you attempt this as it binds and hardens your truffle easily. I also recommend cream of tartar and kaolin. To the butters and oils I’ll add extra surfactants – your choice whatever cocobetaine, declyglucoside etc, polysorbate 80, a fragrance oil. Add that to the mix- you need to move fast. Warmer the oils and fo and surfactants mixture – the easier the mix will bind. I then get to work scooping.

PS- before you begin to scoop- test out a handful of your mixture in a tub to see how it performs. This parts important so you then can add more slsa or surfactants etc. If you find its not scooping and falling apart- melt a little more cocoa butter 1 oz and you should be fine.

This takes patience but for me it’s a nicer alternative to fairy dust.

Hope this helps.

Samantha D’Lima Lakhani

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