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I wanted to share this page because I love the fonts on it and they are reasonably priced. You can use all of these for your labeling and logos etc. Just remember to purchase them first because you require a commercial license when using a font for commercial purposes.
No, those “free” font sites don’t count. Half the time those fonts aren’t free at all, the other half of the time the version you get from the free site is the Personal Use Only version so you shouldn’t be using it for commercial purposes anyway.
The best thing to do is just use those freesites as a way to find a font. Then google for the font creator or name and find their actual site. You should be able to find out their commercial license costs there.

Remember you can’t trademark logos using these fonts as they technically belong to the person who created them. If you want to trademark a logo with a font in it you need to make sure the font you use allows it – or have someone create a font for you.

Anyway, here’s the page I like: Creative Market

The rules are generally the same for images.

Searching for “free images” on google, or free image sites is generally a bad idea. Most of the images on those sites are not free at all. They are just stolen and placed on those sites, or those sites are just a way for artists to share some images for personal use only. Again if you want to use one commercially you must check and purchase the correct license. It’s also a good idea to check if the image you want to use is allowed to be used in logos. Most of the images on places like iStock and Shutterstock are NOT allowed to be used in logos and are supposed to be used for short runs, unless you purchase extended licenses.

One huge point I will make when searching for an image for your logo is that I would suggest not using one that any tom dick or harry can also purchase for use in a logo. Find someone to design a little image just for you. That way it’s yours and you won’t end up sharing it with anyone who happens to run a beauty business and came across the same image.

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