Opus Shampoo Bar – Celene Moreira

Opus Shampoo Bar 
  • 3 lb. batch, superfatted at 5%
  • Water – 517 g (Lisa uses half beer, half aloe juice)
  • Lye – 192 g
  • Coconut Oil – 382 g
  • Olive Oil Pomace – 408 g
  • Castor Oil – 63 g
  • Lard – 340 g
  • Shea Butter – 42 g
  • Cocoa Butter – 25 g
  • Rice Bran Oil – 123 g
I’ve been using this recipe on my hair for several days and it’s amazing! I’m still using a bit of conditioner on the ends followed by a vinegar rinse (about 1 part apple cider vinegar, 3 parts water) on my scalp, which works down through the hair and makes it easier to de-tangle. After getting my hair shampooed at the salon yesterday, I did have to shampoo my hair twice with the bar soap to get the same lather, and my hair isn’t feeling quite as soft today. I suppose it will have to re-adjust again. Anyway, give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!
And huge thanks to Lisa for sharing her recipe!!

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