Dry Mask – Karen Rogers

I mixed up some of my dry mask this morning. I am waiting for the jars to arrive sometime today so I can package them up. Thought I would share my dry mask recipe.
You just mix 2 teaspoons of the dry mask with about 1 teaspoons of liquid. I add the liquid gradually until I achieve the right consistency, a thin smooth paste. The liquid can be water, herbal tea, yogurt whatever you would like.
For Normal, Combination, Dry and Sensitive Skin
  • 25% Kaolin Clay Kaolin
  • 25% Moroccan Red Rhassoul Clay
  • 15% Milk Powder – I am using coconut milk powder Can be any milk powder – whole milk, yogurt powder, goat’s milk, butter milk
  • 15% Honey Powder
  • 5% Aloe powder
  • 7.5% Green Tea Powder
  • 7.5% Colloidal Oat powder (wouldn’t recommend ground oats, you could substitute ground baby oatmeal)

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