Incredible Soapy Clay – Willow Dawn

Incredible Soapy Clay Price: $15.00 (usd) A comprehensive guide to making your own Incredible Soapy Clay. Now you can make your own designs and embeds for your soaps, or as I have made individual gorgeous roses out of a very pliable … [Read more...]

DIY Bath & Body Shop Recipes – Sandra Labossiere

Sandra Labossiere has a range of bath and body recipes available on her etsy store: Vegan Friendly Japanese Adzuki Massage Bars $6.95 From Scratch - Foaming Bath Butter Base (FBW) $9.95 Bubble Bath Dough $7.95 Solid Bubble Bath Bars … [Read more...]

Pine Tar Soap – Mistydawn Thornton

Pine Tar Soap Price: $9.95 Purchase on Etsy Find test results in the Bubbly Friends Sharing and Selling Recipes Group on Facebook. … [Read more...]

Pipeable Bubble Bar Frosting – Sarah Mae Flotka

You can find Sarah's frosting recipe on her website below. Ingredients required - baking soda, kaolin clay, slsa, meringue powder (can be substituted with tapioca powder), cocoa butter, coco betaine, … [Read more...]