Non-Foaming Emulsified Sugar Scrub – Lana Suhanich

  • 48% white sugar (see notes below)
  • 13% emulsifying conditioner pastilles
  • 10% rice bran oil
  • 10% hempseed oil
  • 10% pumpkin seed oil
  • 6% jojoba oil
  • 1.5% fragrance
  • 1.5% preservative
  1. Weigh all your ingredients.
  2. Place your oils and emulsifier into a heat safe pot (I prefer to use the double boiler method). Heat until melted but do not over heat. Just until melted.
  3. Once oils pot is all melted but not hot turn off the heat and let cool slightly.
  4. While waiting for the oils to cool add the colorant to the sugar and stir well making sure that all the colorant is distributed into sugar and there are no clumps.
  5. Stir poppy seeds/herbs into sugar until well blended.
  6. Add sugar to the oil mix and stir to incorporate.
  7. Add preservative and fragrance oil. Mix well again. Mix will thicken more when completely cool.
Please note that the recipe was calculated using plain white sugar. You are welcome to substitute it for a different sugar or exfoliant or even a combination of different ones. If you do make changes you may need to adjust your amounts. I suggest alternating your exfoliants until your desired texture. Recipe is calculated at 48% using only white sugar.
Also note that you can use any oil combinations you wish. I tend to use oils that have specific properties that I desire. You can use 1 oil or 20 oils as long as they are a total of 36% of your recipe.
OPTIONAL: If you would like to make this recipe a foaming scrub you can substitute a portion of the Sugar for slsa. I substitute it at 1% but you can adjust it to your liking making sure not to go over safe usage rates. That being said I have successfully added slsa without adjusting the sugar amount too.
This product is emulsified, which means that as you rinse it away, the oils and rinse water sort of blend together and create a lotion effect that should not leave you feeling oily. I recommend making a small batch to test your oil combinations. Starting small until you get the desired results will make you happier than making a large batch and not liking the results 🙂

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