Sweet & Simple Body Butter – Bettyann Lisqum

  • 2 cups Mango Butter
  • 1 cup Shea Butter
  • 1 cup RiceBran Oil
  • 5 drops Vitamin E
  • 4 tsp FO
Should probably use a double broiler but we make do with what is available 🙂
  1. Use microwave to melt the butters. I never melt all the way and just stir to allow the heat of it to melt it all.
  2. Add all other ingredients at this point, fragrance last to ensure that it is cool enough to not burn away the scent. Stir to blend mixture together well.
  3. Let sit till it solidified. Some use a fridge, I do not have a fridge on site. So, I let it sit till it hardens.
  4. Once it is hard, using a hand blender Mix, Mix, Mix, Blend, Blend, Blend!
  5. Just when you think you are done…let it sit for a bit…I did half hour 😉
  6. Go back and Blend another time. Wait for the peaks. Wonderful recipe. I love it! Stays whipped and airy in the jar.
  7. Enjoy!

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