Cocoa Butter Body Sauce – Tabitha Shultz

  • 9.6 oz Cocoa Butter
  • 9.6 oz Coconut Oil 76 degree
  • 2.90 oz Shea butter
  • 3.10 oz beeswax *Note, if you like yours a little softer than decrease by 1/2 oz.
  • .25 oz Optiphen Plus
  • .50 oz Glycerin
  • Just a small squirt of Vitamin E
  • .50 oz of fragrance oil if you want (I use Aztec Chocolate Brownie and smells yummy)
  1. In a double boiler add your beeswax and cocoa butter.
  2. Then slowly add your coconut oil and lastly your shea butter.
  3. In another bowl or butter bowl, add glycerin, vitamin e and FO. They will be added last.
  4. After your hard oils are liquid, take off heat and cool down to below 176 degrees, you can add your preservative. I usually wait till it gets around 160 or so when I add it.
  5. Now add your other bowl of liquids and stir well.
  6. Once your liquid have cooled down to around 150 or below pour into your containers.
This recipe will make 24 oz and some extra for samples or personal use.
You can substitute Mango butter or any other butter for the shea butter but I really like the healing power combination.

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