Goat Milk Lotion Bars – Lynda Krupa

This formula took me about 6 months to develop after I found another company in Europe making one. Difference – other than preservative & emulsifier no chemicals. If you have questions or need help let me know. I’ll do my best. I have been making these for about a year and really can’t stress enough to use a preservation system. Even though powder it can absorb moisture.


Goat milk lotion bars
Beeswax 8 Oz
Shea Butter 4 Oz
Coconut oil 2 Oz
Hemp seed oil 3 Oz
Walnut or almond oil .5 Oz
Cocoa butter deodorized 1 Oz
Ewax 1 Oz
Stearic acid .5 Oz
Preservative-oil based .6 Oz
Goat milk powder 1 Oz

Heat all oils together until melted, allow to cool to about 145 degrees. Mixing gm powder with a wisk. Add preservative. Mix to i corporate. When mixture is thick enough to stay together and not separate, spoon or pour into 2 Oz jars or molds for lotion bar. Freeze for 1 hour to remove from mold.

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