Lucy McCann’s Bubble Bar Frosting

Depending on the tip you use will be how many cupcakes this will frost. I get about 7 mini ones out of it. (Probably three regular ones)
This recipe has been doubled with success. It dries nice and hard for me.

135 G Baking Soda
22 G Kaolin clay
60 G SLSA (powdered) or it can look grainy
18 G Tapioca starch
28 G Cocoa Butter
40 G Coco Betaine
8 G Poly 80
6 G Castor
1 TBS Fragrance
16 G Rubbing Alcohol (70 percent)
1 tsp powdered colorant of choice (added to the dry ingredients)

Sift dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.
Melt cocoa butter in measuring cup. Then add the other wet ingredients to the melted cocoa butter and mix well. Combine wet ingredients with dry and mix with a mixer.
If it were to be too dry add a smidge more coco betaine.
Fill a piping bad and use a large open tip. I like to use plastic ones.
You can pop the whole bag in the microwave for a few seconds if the mix stiffens up on you it will loosen it right back up. My coco betaine acted weird when I heated it up. Do not heat it. Just mix it with all the other wet ingredients after the butter is melted. I do not make any substitutions to this recipe. Any changes you make may affect the outcome of the recipe.

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