Herbal Milk Salts – Lana Suhanich

There are a ton of variations that you can use for Milk Salts. I have 6 different ones that I do based on the herbs I want to use. This is my basic mix that you can customize to what you have on hand or the properties you choose to use.
  • 2 cups of milk powder. I prefer regular milk powder as I find it less sticky than goats milk as well as less clumping over time.
  • 1 cup of dead sea salt because it is known to reduce pain and inflammation. It also helps with dry skin conditions.
  • 1 cup of dendritic salt simply because it aids in anti clumping and helps hold the fragrance.
  • 1 cup of atlantic sea salt
  • ½ cup Epsom salt
Now for the herbs.
  • I add in 1/8 cup of each herb – Dandelion flowers, calendula petals, safflower petals, lavender, oatmeal (whole for looks), ground oatmeal, peppermint and sage leaves.
That is it. My basic herbal mix. You can customize your herbs with the ones you like. I use rose petals in some as well as rosemary, rosehips, turmeric, burdock root, plantain, and many more. Have fun mixing!

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