Quick & Dirty Tutorial – Embeds “One Twenty Five” – Body Bonbon

Here’s the link to my video tutorial on colour embeds / tabs for your bath bombs. The recipe is very basic, you can tweak it however and add however much colourant you want. It depends what you are going for. The 1:1 bicarb citric ratio will get you a very rapid fizzing embed.
I use “true” Dye Powder and as you can see I don’t need much. If you use Lakes, you will need a little more than what I use. If you use Mica you will need a lot more and probably some poly80 to stop the mica residue making a ring around the tub. You will have to sort that out yourself though, just remember this is a very basic bath bomb mix. There really is not much to embeds apart from adding a crap ton more colour than you normally would. 🙂
Then you just embed them in your bath bombs however you like. You can also mold them with whatever you’d like. You don’t have to use a spoon like I do.


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